Buongiorno CHICHIBU!

Buongiorno CHICHIBU!

The mega solar power generation plant built by Hergo Japan Energy Corporation through public tender in Chichibu city has been operating smoothly.

As a contribution to the local community, we have given a total of 840 books (about 2 million yen) to all the elementary and junior high schools in Chichibu city.

 We believe that the children will lead the future and we hope they will enjoy the books of nature, environment and Italy which Hergo selected with the educational committee and the school.

When we visited Minami elementary school, children greeted ‘CIAO’ to us with beautiful smile. In the library, five students of the library committee member showed us a special section where the donation book was displayed. We enjoyed a lot visiting Minami school.

And at last, we promise to operate renewable energy projects with locals for our future.

At Chichibu City Hall: Mayor Chichibu gave a letter of appreciation to President Rimbotti.


Visited Chichibu City Minami Elementary School: We participated in English class and enjoyed conversation with children.


Visit to Chichibu City Minami Elementary School: Mayor Kuki and President Rimbotti.



Visited Chichibu City Minami Elementary School : In the library room library committees and south elementary school and Hergo Japan Energy Corporation Staff.